What is the meaning of "Double Concentrated" on your Tomato Paste?

The ratio of real tomatoes that goes into an ounce of AMORE Double Concentrated Tomato Paste is much higher than the number of tomatoes in an ounce of typical “concentrated” tomato paste. Approximately 6 tomatoes go into every ounce of our product…versus 4.5 tomatoes in the typical tomato paste product. This results in a more intense taste as well as a slightly higher sugar level.


Does that mean that I can use less in my recipe?

You should use an equivalent amount, but you will find that using Amore Tomato Paste gives your recipe a fuller tomato flavor.


Can I make Tomato Sauce from Amore Tomato Paste?

Yes, by combining 3/8 of cup of Amore Tomato Paste with 1/2 cup of water you will get a rich tomato sauce.


Can I substitute Amore Anchovy Paste for anchovy fillets in a recipe?

Yes, one half teaspoon of our Amore Anchovy Paste is equivalent to one anchovy fillet.


What is the shelf life of Amore?

The products have a long shelf life due to the convenient tube packaging. The "Best Before Date" is printed on each box and tube. After opening the tubes they should be refrigerated and used within 45 days for optimal enjoyment.


Are there any potential allergens materials in the Amore manufacturing facility?

Each package contains specific information as to ingredients used and potential allergens used elsewhere in our facility. The only potential allergens for Amore are the following:
- Tree Nuts (pine nuts & cashews)
- Fish (anchovies).


Are Amore products gluten free?

Yes, all Amore products are gluten free. Gluten is a component of the protein in wheat, rye, oats and barley. None of these ingredients are used in any of our products or processing.


What materials are used in the manufacturing of the tubes for the Amore products?

The tubes are made of a special aluminum alloy and are manufactured to meet food grade standards. This makes all of the products taste less "tinny" than products packed in cans.


Can I order Amore products directly from you?

We're sorry, but our company is not set up to sell directly to consumers. There are several mail order sites where you can purchase Amore. Related links: www.amazon.com, www.mybrandsinc.com, www.soupbase.com


Do Amore products contain any Genetically Modified ingredients?