The AMORE brand has been carefully assembled with years of searching Italy for the best ingredients, and hundreds of conversations with chefs and Italian food lovers.


This is a mellow mixture of fresh garlic, sunflower and olive oils, and salt. It captures the fresh, intense garlic flavor you’d expect if you squeezed the cloves, but it’s fast, versatile and easy. You even get to leave the kitchen without wearing a trace of garlic perfume.


Chefs from around the world rely on garlic to add taste and appetite building fragrance to their dishes. That’s what makes Amore Garlic Paste so versatile. It’s been described as a “secret weapon” by leading chefs.

Here’s a simple formula: 1 teaspoon is the equivalent of 1 clove of garlic (without the pressing!). So now you can see just how many uses you’ll find for this little wonder once you get it into your kitchen.